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Artist's Statement - “My work reflects hybrid landscapes which are both inherited and imagined. While the landscapes are real, there is a merging of present adopted European landscapes and those which long for the Australian landscape of my past. I am interested in what landscape holds for the individual in terms of memory, private connection and a sense of belonging.”

Danielle Creenaune was born in Australia in 1974. She completed a Bachelor and a Master of Art at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, in 1997. She has lived abroad for the last 10 years, spending 5 years living in London UK before moving to Spain in 2006 where she now lives.

She currently spends her time working between Australia, the UK and Spain. Her work can be found in international collections including The National Gallery of Australia and she has won awards including the Julian Trevelyan Award UK, the Miniprint International of Cadaques, Spain. More works can be viewed on her website here.