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Create fine art prints using traditional printmaking techniques at the fully equipped Duck Print workshop. We have courses suitable for both beginners and professional artists.


The Duck Print workshop is a fully resourced fine art print workshop that meets the requirements of the professional artist wishing to run limited editions with a master printer Duck Print will conduct courses in metal plate lithography, relief printing and intaglio during the year, as well as courses in stone lithography or advanced students and artists. Lithography and relief printing courses run from beginners to advanced. The courses are well structured so students who wish to add more forms of printmaking to their visual art work will find these courses of especially useful. Feel free to contact the workshop if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a visit. Thomas Goulder, B.A B.Ed. (Visual Arts)

Pricing and Information:

  1. All courses are limited to a maximum of 8 artists or students. Contact for more details and availability. Download a printable flyer here: Duckprint Workshop Flyer (2016) (PDF Link)

Costs exclude all paper, inks and other basic materials. (Pricing valid 2017)

Evening Courses (8 Weeks) - $280 1 day per week, 6pm - 8pm run over 8 consecutive weeks

Weekend Courses Sat/Sun, 9am - 3pm -$250

Summer and Winter Schools 1 Week Blocks - $400


Lithography is a traditional printmaking process that is the closest to painting and drawing.

Beginners course: The course will introduce students to the graphic materials and chemicals used in lithography, as well as the principles that underpin their use. Students will be taught how to plan a lithograph, roll up and etch the plate, and how to print the image.

Intermediate course: This workshop looks at the special properties of lithography and the uses of advanced techniques like the transfer processes and the types of transfer papers used in lithography.

Advanced course: Great artists have pushed lithography in many interesting directions — it is the most versatile of all the printmaking mediums. This course encourages the artist to explore the medium and to discuss techniques and ideas with the tutor.

Relief Printing

The relief family of printing techniques includes some of the oldest printmaking processes. These can be used to great advantage by artists looking for lively graphic expression.

Beginners course: This part of the course will introduce the artist to the lino block, woodblock and collograph methods. Students also learn appropriate paper choice for printing, types of inks used and how to set up the presses in preparation before printing.

Advanced course: Students are taught Multi-Block and Reduction Printing through to the Collograph Method.

Etching (Intaglio)

Intaglio is a printing process in which the image is incised or etched into a metal plate.

Beginners and Advanced courses are available: These courses offer traditional copper and zinc plate etching and also focus on the various drypoint and acid bite techniques classified as intaglio printmaking.

Bookbinding & Box Making

This course teaches traditional high quality European bookbinding techniques. 

Students and artists will be taken through all processes from sewing sections through to creating prints on paper that will be bound as individual artists books with embellished covers in book cloth or leather. Boxes will also be created to house the books.

Stone Lithography 

Advanced course: This workshop is only open to advanced students and is run according to the student enrolment numbers and the availability of a limited number of lithographic stones.